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hari_profileI am Hari, thanks for visiting I have been working in the software industry for more than 20  years. You can find more about me on my LinkedIn profile

What can you expect to find here

I am an average guy dedicated to life long learning. I read a lot of books, take courses in business and technology and analyze businesses.I write about what I’m learning and some of the tips I have picked up along the way.I also share my interviews with professionals in the technology and investment industry.


Why ?

When I started my career in IT/Software I made a lot of mistakes in my career. Some of them cost me time and money. I wish I had access to the right resources and advice. I started this BitsBusiness to share my experience and mistakes so that young professionals who are starting their career can learn from me and other professionals.

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I share content based on my research and conversation with entrepreneurs, investors and top IT professionals from around the world so that we can all learn from each other and expand our minds. I mail you only when I have something important to share.

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Please Note : I do not consider myself to be an investment expert or a financial planner. Nor am I accredited or certified by any of the regulatory bodies.I am just sharing my thoughts, learnings and experiments. I am not teaching any ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes here. 



  1. Jeff LaMarca December 5, 2014 at


    I loved your interview on The Investors Podcast about value investing and attending Pabrai’s meeting. Thanks for sharing!

    Kind regards,
    Jeff LaMarca

    • Hari December 5, 2014 at

      Thanks Jeff, Glad you found the interview useful.

    • Monty Bains October 3, 2015 at

      Please keep up the great work
      especially like the notes from
      Pabrai’s meeting.

      • Hari October 8, 2015 at

        Thanks Monty.

  2. Mike Richardson July 31, 2015 at

    Great coverage on the Investors Podcast! Look forward to hearing and seeing more!

    • Hari August 7, 2015 at

      Thanks Mike. Glad you liked the podcast. I will keep you posted.

  3. nk September 5, 2015 at

    Hello Hari,

    loved your interview on investor podcast. Your comments on Black Swan book were particularly insightful.

    Keep up good work.

    • Hari September 5, 2015 at

      Thanks Nagaraj for your kind words and encouragement. appreciate it.


  4. Newt September 23, 2015 at

    Thanks for publishing detailed notes of this meeting. Two quick clarifications would help.

    – When exactly did this meeting take place?
    – Does he usually invite management team of his portfolio companies? (One of the questions in the Q&A was answered by the CFO of Horsehead Holdings.) Was there any other representation from other portfolio companies?

    • Hari September 25, 2015 at

      The meeting was held on Sep 12th 2015, this was the first time we saw representation from one of the portfolio companies. I believe this was an exception.

  5. Monty Bains October 3, 2015 at

    Any thoughts on your perspective on Horsehead? The thesis the risk /reward and any reasons the position hasn’t been increased with the current market cap share price?

    • Hari October 8, 2015 at

      Horsehead is facing two challenges in my opinion. 1. Liquidity and 2. Execution. It will take time to sort things out but the management is confident of maintaining liquidity during this period.

  6. Arun Sampathkumar December 7, 2015 at

    Hello Hari,

    First of all, a huge thank you for all the blogging and podcasts you do. It really helps a beginner like me to understand investing concepts. I am a recent graduate who started a career and have always had this curiosity to explore stock investing. Now that I am earning my own money I was looking to get into investing world and I found The Investors Podcast and you. Now I read your blogs and listen to TIP every day and I felt your work needs to be appreciated. Please take this emoticon as my token of thanks :-) and keep up your work.

    Thank you.

    • Hari December 12, 2015 at

      Thanks for the note Arun and good luck

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