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Warren Buffett on U.S Dollar,China & More

  • China and U.S will both be powerful in the future, but U.S dollar will be the world’s reserve currency for a very long time in the future.
  • In the past century U.S GDB has grown 6 folds and dollar has lost 94% of it’s value (i.e 1 dollar held in 1930 will be worth 6 cents today )
  • It’s in our (U.S) best interest that the rest of the world prosper with us and we are not an island of prosperity envied by the rest, some of whom might are nuclear powers
  • Fear is contagious and spreads with lightening pace, but confidence comes back slowly
  • Berkshire is a teaching mechanism and a podium to preach
  •  The volume in Burlington Northern has returned to the pre 2008 levels this year (2013). The recovery has be steady and slow
  • I don’t like activist investors as most of them are short sighted and are interested in making a quick buck.
  • U.S stocks has grown through many watershed moments, including perl harbor, 2nd world war and other crisis. We will come out well in the end, however the systems does get gummed from time to time


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