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love_businessBusiness that help us create and maintain relationship, impress people who matter to us and show our appreciation or gratitude to others.

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Scenarios :

1. You want to win the hear of a girl you are in love with you buy her sweets ( See’s candies ) for Valentine’s Day or send flowers (1-800 Flowers ) on her birthday.

2. When you are serious in your relationship with your significant other or if you are married ,you show you love by gifting expensive stuff likejewelry to your wife or significant other (Key/Goochi/louis vuitton/Borsheims )

3 You are meeting one of your professors you admire or a your uncle/aunt you adore after a long time. You want to take something nice / novel to express your warmth and regard, you buy stuff like ( i have not identified companies in this group yet )

4. You want to gain favor of a person in high position or you want to socialize with important people in your industry, you gift them expensive / novel stuff to gain their appreciation and build an impression ( Things Remembered )

Moat : 

1. Pricing Power

2. Recession insulation

3. Hard to beat Brands

Examples : 

  • See’s Candy ( You never go wrong by buying See’s candy on a Valentine’s day )
  • Disney ( Every child loves Mickey mouse )
  • 1-800 Flowers ( You always remember at the nth moment… that you love your… )
  • Kay ( Every Kiss begins with Kay :)
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