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@ Instead of raising your voice… Improve your argument !

@ Be a spectator to your own thoughts

@ No one can make you feel inferior without your consent – Roosevelt

@ Never oppose strength with strength

@ What a man wishes he believes

@ think & structure before you question or answer

@ It takes tremendous craftsmanship to turn a great idea into an awesome product

@ Are you a thinker or builder or slacker

@ Have a goal to love both Sunday and Monday

@ Most Men would Rather Die than Think – Bertrand Russell

@ focus on passion competency & money in the same order – X

@ what you know matters far less than what you can do with what you know. – Tony Wagner

@ Its much better to set yourself up so that the temptations are low and not trust yourself doing the right thing – Charlie Munger

@ If you are capable of understanding the world, its your moral obligation to be rational – Charlie Munger

@ There is always a smarter guy/gal then you , be humble dont feel inferior – X

@ Don’t let your ego decide what you should Do – Charlie Munger

@ The task of man is not to see what lies dimly in the distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand – Carlyle.

@ Don’t try to conquer the world over a weekend. Focus on daily discipline

@ forget master plans, try to make the best of what you have today – Charlie

@ Best way to get something is to deserve it

@ Please no one, impress no one, envy no one, hurt no one  – X

@ Instead of focusing on impressing or envying people, focus on How you can learn from or help people  – X

@ Never make any important (Investing) decisions when you are stressed, uncertain , confused , short of time or under pressure – Munger

@ If you are thinking about past or future, you are imagining things that don’t exist, same is true when you worry about the unknown… its irrational – JV

@ It’s a better idea to hold on to cash than to invest your money poorly – Munger

@ Focus on Competence not Desire | work on your potential not success you will be happy – Sadguru

@ Don’t try to ape other’s success, let life happen to you… Try doing the best your can every time. – X

@ If you want to start a company, your focus should be value you deliver not the money you will make – X

@ Interest rates are to asset prices sort of like gravity to the apple – assets go up in price when interest rates are low – Buffet

@ The problem is not the new ideas, it’s escaping the old ones – J.M Kanes

@ Leadership should be by consequence of your competence not due to aspiration – sadguru

@ Don’t criticize others for their job if you can’t do it better them yourself – X

@ When there is a conflict between your heart & brain – follow your heart – Vivekananda

@ Talent is persistence and you can persist if you are passionate & enjoy doing something no matter how good you are at it. more on this 

@ Focus on Being not Becoming – focus on interesting work not the results – NaMo

@ Money is a powerful motivation – don’t underestimate it – X

@ Fewer things done better – take anything you do seriously and do it well it makes you feel better – X

@ Investing is all about protecting your downside. The upside will take care of itself – Warren Buffet

@ Smart people have to act all the time – else how will they and others know they are smart – Kenn / Munger

@ The intellect should be the servant of the heart, but not its slave – Comte

@ Never assume what’s on other’s mind.. Ask and clarify (Narrative Fallacy ) – Hari


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