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Welcome to the, If you believe in investing in yourself… if you are an ambitious professional trying to build a successful career and if you are not interested in get rich quick schemes… This website is for you and I want to be part of my network. 

I share exclusive content based on my research and conversation with entrepreneurs, investors and top IT professionals from around the world so that we can all learn from each other and expand our minds. I mail you only when I have something important to share.

This is not a newsletter, it’s a personal mailing list and I look forward to having you as part of my network of trusted individuals and hopefully help you in your career and investments.

About Me :

me_BRK_50Hello. my name is Hari Ramachandra, I am the author of this blog and the host of the BitsBusiness show. 

I have been working in the software industry for more than 15 years now. I have worked for startups and fortune 500 companies,

I have worked in various roles at high-tech companies like LinkedIn,Yahoo, Cisco Systems, Tibco and IBM. I am an engineer by training with a passion for business. I live in the Bay area also known as “ Silicon Valley


  1. Jat Singh March 8, 2016 at

    Hi Hari,

    Thanks for the wonderful articles. I enjoy your discussions at Investors Podcast. I am interested in signing up for your emails but “Sign Up” button is not working.

    P.S – I will be at Omaha for 2016 meeting. I am looking forward to meet the crew.


    • Hari March 27, 2016 at

      Thanks Jat, The signup should be fixed now, Look forward to meeting you at Omaha this year.

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